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Well, every time I want to sign in I have to submit a lost password request.  I use the same password every time and get in but I can't log in again if I get timed out or two hours later ... so screw it.  I'll find another journal thing.  When I get it set up, I'll go thru the rigamoral and post the link here if possible.
Life is just goofy, but I knew that :g:

Migrating Here.  Same title, different platform.

wow - gerbils have hated me

I've been trying to get logged on since the 8th of July ... changed password, contacted help folks ... Finally, I am back in just as I am resigned to giving up this journal.  I really hesitate to keep fiddling with something so unreliable but I am also a creature of habit that often craves the familiar.  Anyway, if this little journal goes silent for so long again and you wonder if I was abducted by aliens chances are nope, just log in issues.

If it happens again, I won't waste time two months, I'll just find another platform to learn.
And of course, now ... after all this struggle and the brief glimmer of delight ... I must get to work.  Ah well. That's life.
Be well, drink more water, wash your hand thoroughly and elbow your germs!
We had a frog in our window unit air conditioner this week.

Quite how he got there, no one knows.  Was it some pre-apocolyptic warning?  A rare mutation of flying tadpoles? Perhaps the frog climbed in when he was a juvenile delinquent and now that he's large and mature, he's locked up for life.  There are plenty of mosquitoes and such for him to nibble.  Air is certainly humid enough to provide him with water but we feared the heat of sun inside metal casing would uh, fry him like a child locked in a vehicle.  Didn't happen.  He's still serenading us in the morning and evenings.  We still can't figure out how to get him out of there without disassembling the window unit and frankly, with highs hitting mid 90s, the thought of disassembling an air conditioner that works is Bloomin' Nutz! Despite the sensitive young ladies dwelling in my home, I declared:
Frogs are obviously more intelligent than we thought.
Therefore, since he figured a way in, he can figure a way out ...
or live out his happy frog life in the only air conditioned hoosegow in the state!

I'll probably worry from now until we remove the air conditioner, just saying.
Original Country Clip Art by Lisa froghrtsline
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MY How Things Change....
I read other bloggers that are dying from burn out, that haven't seen their cat for months or their children for days because they can barely keep up with the demands of their readers. I don’t have that problem, but then, I heard of this nifty invention called, “Log Off” and frequently use it, which is why I suspect I won’t have that issue in my list of life struggles to come. Instead, here I am, mature and dignified in my Old Biddy-ness. Words I can see and return to; thoughts I can spew without fear [except for the standard terror of typos] the first thing I've done just for me in about 27 years and I don't even need duct tape or that groovy foam in a can.

I don't have any sage advice, brilliant wisdom or helpful tips to make life easier, richer, slimmer, or even April Fresh. My former life as a stain-fighting super-heroine was an adventure, but alas, those days are over. I refuse to grouch about work because I'm damn lucky to have it, even if I forget that a dozen times a day and have to read the sticky note I have on my monitor to remind me. I'm like everyone else blessed to have a job: Doing the work of two people for the pay of one plus vacation time you can't or don't dare take.
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Long Time, No Journal. Pack-a-Picnic Post

It's been over three years since I posted on LJ. Some folks may remember me as kiaforrest. Life was wonky and focus was demanded. I was able to take a deep breath this year and remembered I used to have interest, used to laugh more, used to communicate with the outside world, used to think deep thots, pack a picnic and ramble about with words. As snow coated the state, grid locked the traffic, and halted cell communication for most of two days; I was snuggled in our home with my beloved children assisting me with rebuilding an identity aside from weary moma and worker bee. They are *still* the most amazing folks I know!
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